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Current Conditions

Northwood Trails

“New Snow:  

Recent Grooming:  Rolled and combed trails on Sunday, 1/17/21.  No classic track set.

Conditions: .  Conditions are early season “skiable “.  Skiers report that trail is soft, and although the  base is not very deep they where pleased with their experience.  B skis still recommended though until either more snow or additional skier reports are available.  Hopefully with the colder nights the base we have will firm up.

Trails Open:  Recommending skiers stay on rolled trails.  There was a logging operation along the Outback trail and the trail is really rough.  We will need a lot of snow before we can open up this trail.  The swamp on Judy's Vista has not frozen over, so this trail is closed until it freezes.  And the Cedar swamp on the base loop has not frozen yet either.  So skiers will need to use the Chutes and Ladder route to return to the trailhead.

Comments:  Early season conditions.  We just need more snow.

CAVOC Trails

New Snow: N/A

Most Recent Grooming: Jan. 2, 2021 Trails rolled a second time

Conditions:  Snow coverage is very thin with some rocks poking through or just barely covered. The start/finish area is relatively smooth but trail conditions are fair to poor, downhills in particular are very rough.

Trails Open:  All ski trails are closed in part to preserve what little base is present for the upcoming Hodag Challenge.

Comments:  Waiting for more snow.  




New Snow: 1-2 inches January 14-16, 2021.

Most Recent Grooming: A skate deck was groomed  on all the trails and tracks set only around the new baseball field and tennis courts. Several dirt clumps groomed-up near the baseball diamond/backstop, watch the tracks.

Conditions:  Fair  

Trails Open: All trails are skiable with several thins spots especially under the pine canopy.

Comments:  Recommend using B skis.  The best skiing will be in the soccer field,  around the tennis court, and the inner woods trails-"sprint loop". 

A spry headlight Birkie skier sent a special thanks to the groomers.

Oneida County's Washburn, Cassian, and Nose Lake Ski Trails

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WinMan Trails

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Minocqua Winter Park

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ABR Trails

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Wolverine Ski Trails

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Birkie Trail

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Swedetown Trails

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